Abdul Rahim is Director of Vision2020 as well as its SME Director, responsible for leading the network and reaching out to SMEs.


Lisa Hanselmann is Account Manager for Vision2020, responsible for providing support to, and managing Vision2020's relationships with, the network's RTO & university members.

Cais Jurgens is Network Development Manager for Vision2020, responsible for communications, marketing, and engaging with prospective members.


Alexia Honoré is a Network Administrator for Vision2020, responsible for supporting platform activities, events and other members of the team.


Dr Riam Kanso is CEO of the Crowdhelix innovation platform, overseeing its progress and its position in the academia-industry ecosystem.


Michael Browne is a co-founder of Vision2020 as well as its Strategic Adviser, providing guidance on the European research and innovation landscape.


Rusty Nash is Chief Technology Officer of the Crowdhelix platform, overseeing its technological development and problem solving.


Martin Scott is a co-founder of Vision2020 and is Chief Operations Officer of the Crowdhelix platform, overseeing the joint strategy for both platforms.

Ryan Holder is Crowdhelix's full time Developer, responsible for maintaining the platform and for building, testing and deploying new features.


The Vision2020 Advisory Board

Vision2020's Advisory Board provides expert advice to the staff and directors of Vision2020 on strategic issues relating to the development of the network.

The Vision2020 Office

Tel: +44 (0)20 7687 2020

Vision2020: The Horizon Network is administered by Vision2020 Network Ltd, a company registered in England and Wales (no. 8336338).

Vision2020's registered office is Vision2020 Network Ltd, Argyle House, 29-31 Euston Road, London NW1 2SD, United Kingdom.