Vision2020 is an Open Innovation platform for research organisations & companies participating in the 'Horizon 2020' EU funding programme

The Horizon 2020 programme has an €80 billion budget to fund thousands of research & innovation projects across the globe. Vision2020 acts as a hub to connect Horizon 2020 participants from excellent universities and innovative companies, and works to maximise the value and Horizon 2020 funding its members can obtain.


If you have any questions about Vision2020: The Horizon Network, or would like to discuss membership for your organisation, please feel free to contact us here:

Members' Platform

Existing members of Vision2020 can access the Crowdhelix online collaboration platform here:

Our Members

  • The research organisation members of Vision2020 are a selected group of excellent institutions that are highly active in European research & innovation.
  • Membership for small and medium sized companies is open to any innovating business seeking Horizon 2020 funding.
  • Vision2020 also hosts a selected group of Experts that provide members with tailored services that are specific to Horizon 2020.

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  • Horizon 2020 is the biggest EU research and innovation programme ever, with €80 billion worth of funding available. It is also open to any organisation, anywhere in the world.
  • Teams of research organisations and companies will be given funding to carry out cutting-edge projects.
  • Horizon 2020 promises to drive breakthroughs, discoveries and innovation by taking great ideas from lab to market.

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Our Network

    • Vision2020 hosts communities of researchers and companies that work together in "Helixes" focused on a particular research theme.
    • Our full list of members, including small to medium sized companies, is available here.
    • Online collaboration is facilitated by the purpose-built Crowdhelix platform.
    • Each Helix also holds topic-focused events, contributes towards the Horizon 2020 agenda, and acts as a platform for launching successful proposals.
    • Vision2020 also organises several network-level events each year to connect researchers, companies, funding experts, and EU representatives.

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    The Vision2020 Helixes

    Vision2020 currently hosts eight active communities of researchers and companies that work together in "Helixes" focused on a particular Horizon 2020 research area. Online, Vision2020's Helixes are hosted on the purpose-built Crowdhelix collaboration platform. We intend to launch more Helixes in the coming months, so please check our Twitter feed and events page for regular updates.

    • Digital Helix
    • Contact: Pauline Chetail
    • Member: UCL
    • Health Helix
    • Lead: Frauke Christ
    • Member: KU Leuven

    • Materials Helix
    • Lead: Vincent Jamier
    • Member: LEITAT
    • Society Helix
    • Lead: Vision2020 Team